ORIGINAL Recipe Development


Original Recipe Development

For the past 5 years I have been developing original healthy recipes for food and supplement companies, CPG brands, blogs, magazines, juice bars, and media in the health, medical and tech industries.

I provide you with professional photographs to use for promoting your products and offerings on your website, newsletter, blogs, menu, magazines, catalogues, and/or cookbooks.

There is a rapidly growing demand for plant-based recipes catered to restrictive diets. Our delicious recipes are devised to be free of refined sugar, refined grains, gluten and dairy, meat and are highly nutritious.

A little about my work:

My food company, Kookie Karma, had 12+ products all of which I created from scratch. These consumer packaged goods were sold to stores like Whole Foods Market, Lazy Acres, Gelsons and more.

Since then I have been consulting and helping other healthy brands and companies build their content and/or newsletters. I have been writing health/lifestyle/wellness content for brands, including my own, since 2004.

Samples of Recipe Development: