4 New Pantry Basics :: Sprouted, Crunchy & Tasty!

Above are a few of the things we've been pretty excited about here at home. A few pantry basic MUST-HAVES!

1. Foods Alive flax crackers {onion garlic is especially good}. They are gluten-free, high in omega-3s and very crunchy! Great for dipping!

2. Go Raw makes GREAT raw food flax snacks as well. We especially love their green spirulina cookies {yes, cookies}. Packed with good green food! My son LOVES them. 

3. This Magestic Garlic spread is just amazing. I have talked about it in the past. I use it for everything! Totally raw and dairy free. You can eat it straight or use it in sauces. 

image via cleanandkind

4. TruRoots is a new favorite find! They first sprout their grains and beans and then dry them. I actually cook these {sort of defeats the purpose of the sprouting} for my kids. Great source of protein.