Balance Meals On The Go!

Need a few snack ideas for a balanced meal on-the-go? Don't have time to worry about packing snacks or making lunch?

Ideally you'd grab and apple and maybe a kale salad with some avocado. But we all know that won't go over well with little kiddos. SO, in order to assure that they will EAT this food you're bringing, let's bring some more palatable, enjoyable foods! 

Kids just love kale chips, I'm telling you {especially ones that are used to eating healthy - buy some or make your own} and those fruit squeeze things, are just as easy for them to eat! My son will chug like 3 in about 2 minutes. 

Justin's Peanut Butter to-go packs are also a GREAT idea for any vegetarian/vegan, especially kids. They make chocolate almond butter, honey almond, and plain as well. I don't love peanut butter for health reasons, but almond butter is SUPER healthy and tasty!

Bring a few slices of bread if you think you're kids would be more apt to eat the butter on bread!

If you have the time, make a smoothie, a really yummy one that you can be sure you're kids will eat {pack it with flax oil, too for extra omegas, and maybe some protein powder if you have it}! If you do this, combined with the above snacks, you'll be sure to have healthy, happy kids all day long.