Pantry Snacks :: Vegan & No Refined Sugar {Not Raw}

For those of you moms that are looking for GREAT store-bought organic/natural snack ideas that are super healthy for your child {meaning, doesn't contain added sugars or oils or colors or flours} but also convenient, quick and easy to find, I have a few ideas for you. 

1. I found an awesome tea that is made for children. Not sure if you're kids ask you for tea but MINE do and I have to tell them no. Not sure why, really, I guess just due to the caffeine? I found a children's tea that looks really great. It doesn't have any added sugars either. It's made by the The Republic of Tea

2. Looking for a fun, healthy addition to the "Cheerio" shelf? I found one! My discovery is actually a cereal I was obsessed with in the UCLA dormitory. The "shredded spoonful" contains wheat and molasses, that's it! A great alternative to the sugar cereals. Eat plain or with milk {almond or rice milk or cow, whichever you eat at home}.

3. The WILD Bar. Not sure why I haven't talked about this one before. It's a WONDERFUL treat for mom or child. It's so packed with nutrition and superfoods and flavor as well. I love this bar. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it in the past. 

4. Genmai Life Brown Rice Crackers! These are delicious and made with organic ingredients. 

5. Annie Chunn's Seaweed Snacks {I think they are the same ones that Trader Joes carries but only CHEAPER} are not organic but they are a perfect snack for somebody craving a crunchy salty snack. My kids love them. Both my one and two year old! They are roasted but again, just fun to eat and w/o much guilt. 

I hope that helps. Of course... I have more of these great snack ideas up my sleeve and will share them with you as they come to me! 

While I'm at it, please check out these amazing coconut products {see photo below}! RAW - VEGAN - ORGANIC! Delicious. I use the second one {the SPREAD on the right} in smoothies. YUM. Try for yourself.