Pantry Basics :: I Can't Live Without!

1. lemon {juice and rind} 2. sea salt 3. olive oil 4. onion/garlic 

I decided to share with everybody my basics to every meal. If you ever are stuck wondering "what sauce should I use for this pasta?" or "what dressing would be good on this salad", you can never go wrong with lemon, onion/garlic, olive oil and salt!

You should always keep the ingredients handy, whether you use them together or separately, you can alway rest assured that you had a healthy dressing or sauce. Even if you eat meat, it's a great marinade. 

Some ideas:

Kale Salad

Marinating kale in tons of lemon juice and sea salt will give it a cooked feel. Add onions, olive oil {and sesame seeds and avocado} and you have one amazing salad. 


Lightly steam your favorite vegetable, add fresh flat leaf parsley, pour lemon, olive oil, garlic, sea salt over the pasta and veggies. If you eat dairy, add a good parmesan cheese and you will WOW any guest or family member. 

Salad Dressing

1c olive oil
1c lemon juice
5 cloves raw garlic
1Tbls sea salt

fresh ginger, optional - add to taste

blend in a Vitamix until super creamy and smooth. 


6 lemons, juiced
6c purified water
1/4c agave nectar {add more to taste}