Cheez-Its made vegan + gluten-free

This recipe is so good you guys! I'm excited to share it with you all today. For complete recipe details, you'll have to visit BasilHealth where I am contributing this week. It's a little crazy that they do in fact taste cheesy, yet there's no dairy at all. I also made them gluten-free because why not? My kids loved them! And they were gone in less than a day. 

One thing I didn't do was include my kids in the cooking process {they just got to eat them} and I so wish I had because it's fun and easy - especially when you roll the dough out. We will make these again soon for sure. 

If you do make these, let us know what you think? Follow @BasilHealth and/or @JuliNovotny on Instagram and tag us in a post #BasilHealth or #PureMamas or comment below. We'd love your photos or feedback. 

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! Get the kids in the them learn to cook - it's the best tool for later in life and a great memory to make. Healthy cooking and baking is an invaluable lesson; something they won't learn in college or school. Check out my 8 year old in the kitchen making us all gluten-free waffles. He learned just by watching me.