Baby Food Menu + Recipes

It can be a daunting task taking on the responsibility of feeding a baby their first foods. After all, we want them to not only grow but thrive as well, right?

How much protein? How much fat? Do we need meat? Do we need cow's milk? All these questions and pretty vague and/or differing opinions depending on where you look for answers. 

I'm here to tell you that as long as there's a lot of love that goes into the food, a little research and time taken to make sure they are getting enough wholesome, fresh ingredients, you most likely are doing a great job. So chill out and take a deep breath. 

 Steamed potatoes with avocado is a super simple, warm, hearty meal filled with healthy vitamins, minerals, fats and fiber. 


When prepping baby's first solids, start with non acidic fruits and veggies and think soft and organic like

sweet potato
steamed spinach
steamed apples
ripe pears

Mono meals (meals consisting of one fruit or veggie) are a great way to begin. Then slowly start combining different flavors and textures. You can have tiny chunks in there as well; texture is great to help them learn to deal with bigger chunks when they encounter them. A little "gagging" isn't the same as choking. 

Here are some of my suggestions -- 

Between 4-6 months:

  • Bananas, peeled + mashed.
  • Avocados, pits and skin removed + mashed.
  • Pears, steamed + pureed
  • Baked sweet potatoes, skins removed, steamed + pureed.
  • Acorn or butternut squash, steamed or baked + pureed.

6+ months you can start combining more fruits and veggies:

  • Roasted sweet potato + steamed apples. Blend warm potatoes + hot apples on high until chunks are gone.
  • Ripe bananas mashed with avocados together. Mash on a cutting board until smooth, leaving some chunks.
  • Baked butternut squash + steamed zucchini, blended.
  • Steamed carrots + steamed lentils, blended.

Once your baby is ready for fingers foods, eating gets really fun. She can start to feed herself now. Little pieces of foods can be given to the baby in place of spoons and purees.

 When my daughter was about 12 months old I let her explore foods as I cooked (I don't recommend them sitting on the counter though like this; but my daughter wasn't the wild and crazy type). She often sits on the counter and watches me cook - she prefers it to her baby chair. Finger foods are wonderful when you're baby is ready. In fact, we like fingers better than spoon feeding.  

I did a more extensive and elaborate article over at sharing some real baby food menus that I both I collected (online) and also created from scratch. I'm sharing the entire article on their web site. So click on over to see the entire menu and more recipes/photos. 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. BasilHealth doesn't have a comments section but I'm here to help. 

xoxo - Juli