Snacking On Toast // So Simple

Weekends can be super busy with all the kids and adults home. By the time I'm done cleaning up breakfast, I swear my kids are in the fridge staring, and I'm having to think about what to do for lunch. Yesterday, we made on toast. 

The key to snacking on toast is of course the creative toppings...which by the way, are endless. The toppings I'm sharing are peanut-free, dairy-free and meat-free. But of course you can play around with your favorites. 

The reason I like cutting toast into squares is to offer variety; you can mix and match savory with sweet. We chose gluten-free millet bread. But you can try rye, or sprouted wheat or even pumpernickle bread. 

I love this lunch or snack because it takes only 5 minutes with minimal clean up. Easy and healthy. Sometimes the most simple ideas aren't alway so obvious

My sons' favorite: almond butter and coconut sugar. Try it, it's so tasty. What do you love on your toast?