Diaper Rash Solution

One of the saddest things ever when you have a little baby is diaper rash! It's a red sore that seems to burn so badly. And so what can be done to relieve it? 

I have had three babies and only one of them, this one, has had pretty bad diaper rash. Let me explain what causes it and what can be done. 

#1 pee or poopy in the diaper for too long! Yep, that can be the main culprit. I don't change my daughter's diapers at night - NOPE! I know, sounds a bit neglectful but mama needs her sleep and unless my baby is crying from a full wet diaper, I let her/him sleep. And well, sometimes that means my baby's bum gets red {ammonia from urine can cause this}.

#2 Chemicals in the diapers. When diapers aren't organic or made from natural ingredients, they can cause diaper rash. There are chemicals and fragrances in the diapers that cause skin irritations to new delicate skin. 

#3 Fragrance-free natural laundry detergent. The fragrances and other chemicals in laundry detergent can often cause eczema. So washing sheets and clothes in these detergents can cause the skin to react {itch and blister}. Washing cloth diapers in these detergents can have the same effect. 

#4 Leave baby's bum dry and naked, without a diaper. This will help the skin to breath. Diapers can hold in moisture which won't always allow the bottom to heal quickly. Just lie a waterproof sheet or changing pad under baby while she plays and air dries. 

#5 Coconut oil and cornstarch based powders. I use the combination of coconut oil and Honest company baby powder to help alleviate the sores. Usually the round of diaper rash heals within 24 hours. And it does reoccur when diaper sits too long on my daughter. 

#6 Baby food. Sometime when babies first start eating solids, certain foods in the stool can cause the skin to react. You can test this by feeding your baby one new food at a time. This didn't really work for me but it does for some. 

Good luck!