DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Stars!

While looking online for a kindergarten art project I came across this amazing blog with all kinds of awesome crafts. Of course, I lost the link one day when I did a forced shut down my computer! There are so many good ideas, I don't even know where to start gushing about it. 

Sorry for the teaser but I do remember this one really fun/simple project: glow-in-the-dark hanging stars! My boys love this kind of stuff. Anything to do with outer space or modeling clay - they are stoked. And this project involves both. 

It didn't take long at all and was fun to do together. It's as easy as the steps illustrated above.

+ 10-15 minute prep time

+ 15 minute baking time

+ Hanging is a cinch when you use velcro or sticky hanging strips. {I literally hang everything with these things}. 

+ You will need star cookie cutters - unless you think you can use a knife and make starts yourself - and you'll obviously need glow-in-the-dark modeling clay - I got mine at Michaels. 

Have fun! Note: your kids be super excited to go to bed - you can thank me later!