Cornbread Donuts + Coconut Glaze {GF + DF}

I have been dying to make cornbread lately. Not the sugary boxed kind but homemade, chunky, low sugar, whole grain cornbread! 

I was wondering the isles of my local health food stores looking for corn meal when I came across a few gluten-free cornbread mixes. A few of them had sweeteners in them and other ingredients I didn't want in my cornbread. But then I came across Pamela's cornbread mix. It was just what I was looking for - cornmeal is organic {which means non-GMO yay!} and you get to add your own sweeteners and oils. I could have made it all from scratch but by the time I bought all the ingredients, made up a recipe, etc. -  it would be days later and lots of money later. 

So, I decided to try Pamelas instead since I heard her other bread mixes were wonderful. 

I wanted my kids to eat this bread as well! So instead of making just muffins, I made donuts. Why not, right?

The glaze I used was actually and experiment and turned out really good! I loved it. My kids didn't LOVE it but they loved the butter spread instead {see below}! I don't eat donuts or powdered sugar so this glaze was perfect for me - totally hit the spot. And it hardened just as I had hoped. 

This recipe is extremely low in sugar! Including the glaze and buttery spread. However, the muffins and donuts taste do not taste low in sugar {the mix itself has 0g sugar}. And this is great news for parents and those wanting some carbs from grains but not the gluten or sugar.  


yields 6 donuts & 12 mini muffins

pamela's cornbread muff mix

1 cup water or almond milk

2 eggs or chia seed eggs or egg replacer {for vegans}

1/4 cup baking organic stevia {different than regular stevia}

1/4 sucanant or coconut sugar

4 Tlbs Melt Organics butter {or vegan butter spread}

4 Tbls coconut oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Put butter into the oven in a bowl to melt the butter completely. 

Combine all ingredients in a bowl until smooth, including melted butter. I used a handheld mixer but you don't have it. You can whip it up by hand. 

Grease a muffin tin or donut tin. Pour enough batter into each muffin cup to complete fill it. Don't pour too much or too little. 

Cook muffins and/or donuts until golden brown, about 15 minutes. 


1/3 cup coconut oil mana combo

1 Tbls maple syrup

1 Tbls organic stevia

vanilla bean powder

vanilla extract

1 Tbls Melt organics butter {or other vegan butter}

Using a hand held mixer, whip until creamy and blended smooth. Put mixture in refrigerator for about 5 minutes until mixture is a bit thicker than before. Not hard though. 

Once donuts have cooled on a rack, they will be ready to glaze. Using a large spoon or spatula carefully spread glaze all around the tops of the donuts. Put as much as you desire and then immediately transfer to freezer for a few minutes before serving. This will solidify the glaze and make it hard and not runny. 


1/2 cup Melt Organics {or other vegan butter spread} 

1 packet organic stevia

1 tsp honey + vanilla bean or vanilla extract

sprinkle of sea salt

Whip together above ingredients until fluffy and spreadable.

When muffins are cooled but still warm, they are ready to serve and eat! Enjoy with Buttery Spread.  

NOTE: Pyure Organic Stevia was given to me by the manufacturer for blog review purposes. It was a wonderful product and I highly recommend it for baking. Pamelas mix was purchased at local health food store.