Chocolate Gingersnap Ice Cream Bowls

Ice cream for breakfast? YEP! And only because it's Summertime! I got inspired by these dessert bowls that showed up at my doorstep from the day before. When we made ice cream at 7:30am, my kids were so happy and jumping for joy! I felt a little guilty but we ate really well the rest of the day {one of the perks for Summertime - you have better control over your kids meals and snacks}!

It wasn't any ordinary ice cream though; if you follow my blog you know I make my ice cream the same old vegan base every time! It's only a little boring because we eat it so often. But whatever, it's healthy and sans heavy cream, refined sugar, eggs and all that stuff. 

Edward & Sons sent me some gluten-free ice cream cone bowls to test out on my kids {we already eat their other cones here at home} and boy were they excited. Gluten-free cones are pretty genius because they are allergen free and have only 10 calories yet are packed with a really desirable flavor {+ texture} when eaten with ice cream. 


I try to make our ice cream different each time by adding new different sweeteners {you've probably seen my stevia ice cream, maple syrup and honey ice creams in the past?}, spices and herbs/flavors. Today was chocolate with added cookie bites. 


1 can refrigerated coconut cream

1/4 cup sugar {of your choice}

1 Tbls agave nectar 

1/4 cup chocolate powder {cocoa powder}

2 Tsp vanilla bean powder or 1 fresh vanilla bean, scraped 

1 tsp guar gum {optional - but helps it get creamier}

4 mini gluten-free ginger snap cookies {or cookies of your choice} 

3-4 gluten-free Edward & Sons dessert bowls {my kids LOVE these}

Make sure your canned coconut cream was refrigerated at least overnight. This allows you to separate the cream from the water. Open the can and remove just the white cream. Discard or reuse the water for something else {like a smoothie}!

In a blender combine first 6 ingredients including the coconut cream {not the bowls or the cookies} and blend on high until completely smooth.

Using an ice cream mixer, add creamy chocolate coconut mixture. When ice cream is almost hardened, ice cold and ready, add the broken cookie crumbles to the mixture. This will give the ice cream some added crunch and texture. 

Top with whatever you'd like. I loved the look and crunch of cacao beans and cookie crumbles. 

ENJOY. Happy Summer!