leafy green milk - now kids can DRINK their greens!

Even since having my son Roman, my 2 year old has been obsessed with drinking {pretty much anything} out of a bottle. He doesn't like smoothies as much anymore so I haven't been able to get him the greens he needs {except for when he takes his 'vitamins'}. 

My solution:

It's been the perfect solution for me. Now I can feel great that my boys not only got the 'bottle' that they wanted but they also got their daily green foods. 

Or, if your kids don't like bottles, put it on top of CEREAL in the morning - hot or cold cereals! They won't even notice the difference. Honestly. Try it and please send me an email if your child doesn't like it. 

This is especially awesome because then I don't have to worry so much all day about them eating their vegetables. 

Here's the instructions. Feel free to make a large batch and save it in the fridge for the next day. I wouldn't keep it around longer than a day or two though!

Good luck. 


1c almonds or cashews or a combo of them
4c purified H2O 
1 vanilla bean
1tsp cold-pressed coconut oil {optional} or flax oil with DHA 
2Tbls honey
2 handfuls greens, use the soft butter like romaine lettuce for optimal texture and taste

Blend all of the above in a Vitamix until milk in color and texture. About 1 minute. 

STRAIN with a good strainer or cheese cloth {cheese cloth is way too time-consuming and messy but if you like it, use it}. If you use a strainer, it has to be a really really tight mesh so that none of the almond or vanilla bean chunks get into the milk. 

Put milk back into the blender. add greens and more honey if you don't think it's sweet enough for your children. 

Blend until greens are totally mixed into the milk. You should see just a faint color of green, nothing too crazy and no chunks or signs of leaves. 

Enjoy. Drink it yourself - as your daily green drink!