Your Child's Pantry Basics :: Part 3

my son after lunch. he loves to color with chalk. "Mama, I DRAW" he says. He's 18 months.

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So this post is based on my son's diet. He has had weird reactions to SAD diet foods lately so I have gone back to 80-100% raw. And he is back to eating like a serious pig. Never shys away from it. 

Yesterday looked like this:

grawnola (sprouted buckwheat style cereal) with almond milk
fresh pressed apple juice
fresh orange juice
(late and very long nap - so no real lunch)
mana bread with cashew sauce (blended in vitamix: soaked cashews, red bell pepper, miso, lemon, sea salt, nutritional yeast) and avocado. 
green drink (only half a cup full)

Not a ton of food, but often there is a LOT less food. Everything he ate was so full of nutrients and enzymes and vitamins, etc. 

Today looked like this:

slow cooked oatmeal
fresh squeezed orange juice
kale chips
"cheese" (dehydrated for 18 hours: raw cashews, young coconut meat, red bell pepper, nutritional yeast, lemon, nama shoyu)
mana bread with avocado and "cheese"
vegan rice cheese (one slice)
apple juice
broccoli and mushrooms (grilled - NOT raw)

The funny part is, you'd think you would need to trick him or beg him to eat his food or that he would HATE it. It's EXACTLY the opposite. He loves to eat my food. When he sees the dehydrator trays he BEGS me to have a bite and starts whining for it. Don't get me wrong, it's not like he's eat salads and raw broccoli. Yeah right. You have to make it taste good and look good, too. But he trusts me and his own gut when it comes to food. He KNOWS. 

He likes it better than pasta, that's for sure. I gave him homemade tomato pasta a few weeks back and he threw up (literally, took one bit and vomited). The same thing happend 3 nights ago. I tried it again and he threw up. That's when I stopped with the "every so often" pasta dinners. 

It's all habit. Just slowly introduce them and get them used to the yummy flavors and textures. But be patient.