10 Immune Boosters Tips | Common Cold RX

Oh man, we just got hit by the cold bug again this Winter. But this time I feel much more prepared. I have been filling up my system with various kinds of defences. Here is a list of my favorite Winter supplements and ingredients to have on hand when my family is down in out. 

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These are all things I feel comfortable giving my kids as well.

Top 10 Tips and Health Boosters For The Common Cold

  1. If you have a sore throat make some lemon and raw honey tea to coat it and warm up the body. 
  2. For dinner make your favorite broth using vegetables, miso and sea salt. Add loads of raw garlic. 
  3. Grind up your own dried mushrooms - try reishi, cordyceps, chaga and maitake. Or buy them already powdered.  Add to soup, smoothies or tea/tonics. 
  4. Vitamin D and C are essential as well. Get some fresh air and sunshine. Guzzle some OJ or take a supplement. 
  5. Wellness shots (aka Ginger Shots) are all the rage right now, which is a trend I'm all about. These shots usually always contain ginger. But definitely try the ones with turmeric, oregano oil/extra and cayenne. Whole Foods and other health food stores now serve these fresh. Just ask the juice bar. 
  6. Elderberry I swear is so good for sinusus. We swear by the kid's stuff
  7. Warm baths with eucalyptus are great for kids and moms. Or add it to your diffuser at night. I actually just tried these quick blast soft chews that are awesome! I highly recommend them. 
  8. Neti pots are wonderful, too. Have you tried them?
  9. We love the Honest Company Breathe Easy rub for the kids.  
  10. Thieves oil can be used with a carrier oil and applied to the bottoms of kiddo's feet at bedtime. This can help during cold and flu season. 

Hope you are feeling better already....!