Plant-Based Snack Foods // Friday Favorites

Every few months I like to share some of my Friday Favorites with you all. This week I'm sharing some fun new snack idea - for park dates or road trips. Of course I'm always a fan of homemade everything but let's be real that's not always easy or feasible. Also, I have started getting into Snap Chat ( find me: puremamas ) and I'm on there today talking about snack foods for me and the little 1 year old. Plus you'll see some really stupid snaps too. 

Below...I'm sharing some great car ride snacks that have crossed my path and have really enjoyed lately. 

1 - BFree Baked Goods. Hallelujah now there is a normal tasting bread company that is gluten-free and vegan. I got to try ALL of their items and I can't live without their tortillas. They are soft and wrap up really nicely! 

2- Ruby Rockets makes popsicles aka smoothies on a stick. But my favorite product of theirs is actually their non-dairy yogurt alternatives. Think go-gurt yogurt tubes, but insert a creamy fruits and veggies instead. Genius! They are like smoothies in a squeeze pouch. You can freeze them or refrigerate but they are shelf stable. 

3- Malk is a small company that produces plant-based milks. Our favorite was cacao pecan milk. But the kiddos loved the little chocolate milks! Perfect plant-based treat! 

4- PURE Organic Food Bars are pretty popular. We love them. Even Trader Joes carries them. But something I hadn't tried yet were their Crispy Clusters. Yum! A nice crunchy blend of grains and sweetness. They also make little fruit leathers (aka fruit sandwiches) that my kids love as well. 

5- Sunwarrior has a new line of shakes called Illumin8 - a plant-based meal replacement. This is perfect for on-the-go snacking/meals or long travel days. Moms - just whip up a shake and carry it with you. They make a great green powder as well. 

Stay tuned for my next Friday Favorites - it's going to be a round up of all my favorite probiotics. Thanks for listening! TGIF