Getting Organized || Taking Control Of Your Health

I made it a resolution last January to get serious with my organization. My daughter had just turned one and my boys are now older and better able to do chores and be in charge of their own selves. One of the best feelings ever for my mental clutter was to move from a bigger home to a smaller one. I know, the step backwards might sound awful with three kids. And in fact, the process of doing so, was in fact awful. But the end result was a major clearing both physically and mentally.

BasilHealth Organization

I'm one of those people that firmly believes when my physical space is clean my headspace is clear. OK so maybe some studies have recently shown that the most creative people have the messiest desks or that there is psychology behind messy rooms. Maybe that's true in some ways - for example I'm most creative in the kitchen and well, let me tell you, I'm not an organized chef. I'm totally messy and when I'm doing my best work, the kitchen looks like it exploded.

If I had a personal assistant or a secretary, a nanny, or a maid I too might not have to worry about things like paying my bills on time, picking up my kids on time, making sure the mail gets opened and filed and you get my point. When my job responsibilities grow so do the paperwork, the amount of things I have to do and remember. Putting some effort into the process and organization is a perfect plan B - when plan A (a personal assistant) doesn't fit your budget.

In fact, after about eight months of feeling pretty darn organized - closets cleaned out, clutter is at an all time low, kids useless toys have been donated, bikes and surfboards are hung, hooks are installed, bins and baskets are utilized and labeled, budget is finalized and bill pay is functioning above par - I'm able to get more done each day than ever before and still have a clean house to come home to at 5p.

However, the one thing that has always been a total disorganized cluster is my healthcare - ID cards, medical records, doctors addresses, dentists, kids vaccine schedules - and man oh man - how do I even keep up? I mean, one of my sons sees a chiropractor, the other one sees a naturopath for his food allergies, my daughter goes to an OD for her foot issues, and we all are on different medical insurance plans because we self pay and sadly can't afford to all be on one plan. We have all had to switch doctors due to Obamacare, and I don't even remember what their blood types are even though I was adamant about finding that out the day they were born. And shhh, don't tell anybody, but I don't remember what time they were born or how much they weighed because I just don't remember those types of details. My brain can't get past the memory of labor pain and lots of pushing.


It wasn't until BasilHealth finally launched their new health platform that this area of my life finally started to get some organizational attention.

With BasilHealth, I can keep track of my doctors information, lab test results, the kid's vaccine schedule, their birth weights, heights, allergies and blood types - all that fun stuff all in one simple place. I can just login to my account from any device and quickly and easily find the info when I need it.

And...I need that info all the time. I just signed my kids up for Fall Break camp yesterday and had to use this information on all the forms. It was really simple and organized. Soon, we will be able to just electronically share or hit print and voila - I will be able to just share that with the camp counselors or even my kids' school, other family members or doctors.

Even better, this new online health platform lets me track my fitness, sleep and sex goals for the week. Yep, I can set a goal for how much sex I want to be having and track it. Woohoo. It's all about accountability and proof, right? ;)

If you want to get your health information and medical data organized, I highly suggest you sign up for a BasilHealth account. It's free. So why not?