The Healthy School Lunchbox

A child's lunchbox! It's not the first time I've written on this topic... {remember the blog post I did for the Honest Company a few years ago?} I am as passionate about kids' healthy meals and snacks as I am adults. But I'm also all too familiar with the headache of having to pack the lunchbox daily and worrying that goes into trying to keep the lunch nutritious, pack enough to drink, use right containers, and so on. It can be a really stressful job. 

Over at I'm chatting about turning boring lunch basics into innovative ones; I suggest some of my sneaky healthful yet tasty snacks; and I discuss what I see as the perfect lunchbox containers. 

Last night's leftovers can solve the "I'm in a hurry" problem but if you have some extra time, rolling up rice and avocado into a sushi roll, can be a perfect healthful snack. Smoothies can solve the picky eater dilemma and rolling up your hummus takes the place of the boring old sandwich. 

Check out more of my ideas over at and stayed tuned for more kids recipes that I will be sharing on BasilHealth very soon. Note: the article on BasilHealth is meant for all eaters including meat and dairy lovers. I'm sharing here on PureMamas however the vegetarian and plant-based options that I would prefer to eat. But feel free to check out all the options I have over on their site.  

Also, in the meantime check out the BasilHealth Pinterest boards {I'm the one pinning all the fun stuff...shhhhh...follow us, you won't be sorry you did}! 

Bye, until next time!