Summertime Relaxing

June and July is San Diego is so beautiful; it's not quite too hot yet but so sunny and nice. I dream of just sitting under an umbrella either by a pool or on the grass. I dream of reading a good book and having some ice tea...

But the reality is, that doesn't happen when you have a baby and two grade school boys. Nope, the truth is, I'm hot, sweaty and running around chasing kids and washing hands, and pushing swings. 

No books or relaxation here. I guess that is why I say I dream of it. So, if my dream were a reality I'd be reading Meredith Baird's new cookbook, Coconut Kitchen, while drinking iced or warm chaga mushroom tea by Sigma foods or by Vimergy in these super cool plant-based recycled to-go cups by Repurpose, and eating a gluten-free vegan Go Macro Bar {my favorite is coincidentally called sunny uplift with oats and dried cherries}!   

I also could not resist sharing this beautiful watercolor artwork with you all. Check out Lady Poppins awesome artwork on - it's all so pretty! 

Enjoy and please if you can get outside to relax, please do the above for me and tell me how it was. {wink}