New Baby Essentials

As you probably know by now, I love the Honest Company products and am one of their friendly ambassadors {wink}. I'm also one of their regular blog contributors and have partnered with them on a few upcoming secret projects as well. But of course, just because I am ambassador and would recommend almost every single thing they make to all my new mom friends, doesn't mean that I only use Honest products for everything. Sheesh. That would just be silly.

So, today I'm sharing a round up of some new mom essentials, that aren't made by Honest. Just to stay, well, honest {pun intended} with all of y'all. 

I tell everybody that I can about Dr Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby On The Block. The 5 S's are genius. I do recommend the video over the book though. It's much easier to see babies in action and just exactly how his method works. You can rent the video at the library which is really helpful. 

Of course the Hooter Hider is the BEST INVENTION EVER. I got one for most of my friends when I heard they were pregnant. It's such a life saver for nursing moms who are out and about and don't want to flaunt it all or miss the chit chat just to feed the baby. 

And the WishGarden Cord Care product 

The NoseFrida is also a very cool invention. When I first heard of this booger sucker, I was like "no way, that is disgusting" but then my sister insisted that I try it this time around with baby number three and um, it is a lifesaver. With two big kids running around my house who go to school, germs are everywhere and my daughter got a few bad colds when she was just three and six months old. The only way to really help her poor runny nose, was to use this awesome gadget. 

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