Morning Muesli + Ebook

Hey all, I'd like to introduce you to Aussie, Cassandra Michelin of LIVE IT, DO IT, EAT IT ! This month she is launching a sugar-free September ebook where she shares all her fun low-sugar recipes with readers. I was very excited when she asked me to be apart of it. You'll find my muesli recipe on page 19. Check it out - sign up now and receive it for free come September! Hurry on over...

Muesli Recipe

1c Rolled Oats ORG
1/2c Shredded Coconut ORG
1/4c Wheat Germ, raw ORG
1/4c Xylitol {or less}
5 Dates or 1/4c raisins {optional}
2 Tbls Coconut oil, raw ORG {per serving}

First mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mash up the dates if you decide to use them. Store in a cool dry container. 

When ready to eat, mix with coconut oil by pressing the coconut oil into the mixture. 

note: you can also blend this in a Magic Bullet or Vitamix and then put it on top of your child's oatmeal or on top of yogurt or a smoothie.