Chocolate Blueberry Skinny Milkshake

Today I'm sharing a wonderful smoothie recipe with you guys. It's so creamy and rich that it tastes like a fattening milkshake. Really!

Full of antioxidants and fiber and healthy carbohydrates, this might as well have been classified under BEAUTY recipes. {wink}

Since I've been pregnant, I'm all about lots of food, lots of calories, lots of smoothies, lots of probiotics, and hydrating beverages. I get so hungry sometimes that I can't control my appetite. In this case, I reach for a smoothie because it usually fills me up and I KNOW it's packed with all kinds of nutrients. 

Today I'm calling this milkshake skinny because it calls for xylitol or eurythritol as the sweetener and instead of ice cream, we use almond milk. Instead of chocolate, we are using cacao beans. 


4 cups almond milk {homemade or store bought}

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 1/2 -2 frozen bananas 

3 Tbls xylitol or eurythritol

handful of cacao beans 

1 Tbls vanilla bean powder {or extract}

Blend all of the ingredients on high until no frozen banana or blueberry chunks are left behind. Enjoy. Kids love it too.