Friday {Pregnancy} Favorites + Sweet Potato Fries

As you I mentioned last week, I'm pregnant and just finally feeling like myself again! After three months of morning sickness and one month of recovery, I'm ready to start thinking about babies, health and my growing belly. 

I'm making a huge effort this year to buy everything used. Not so much the clothing but the big things - mattress, stroller, diaper pails, slings, carriers, you know all that good stuff. Mainly because we have nothing baby left in this house {it's all big boy stuff} and I can't stomach the idea of buying it all over again. {any money-saving ideas...feel free to let me know}

But of course I can't help but look at all the baby girl clothes online. It's just like a whole new world for me after having two little boys. I have come across some of the most adorable products. And I'm sharing just some of them with you today!

From left to right:

BABY ---> Bink + Boo Shoes + Bib -- Love T Shirt -- Honest Diapers

BODY ---> Ellovi Body Butter -- Pai Face Oil -- Zoe Belly Oil -- Honest Belly Cream 

BELLY ---> walnuts + sweet potatoes + colorful fruits and veggies -- Prenatals + DHA

Have you seen all these amazing products before? The beauty products mentioned are the best {most natural least toxic} out there for your growing belly and face wrinkles/dark spots. To help encourage all you mamas-to-be to eat healthy carbs and foods, I will be posting lots of healthy plant-focused recipes here, follow my Pinterest page and Instagram account because I pin tons of good recipes {that aren't just mine} and take lots of food photos.

Be sure when choosing a prenatal that you get folic acid and DHA. Pregnant women need iron and B12 {together}, magnesium and good gut flora via probiotics. 

There is evidence* that when you give birth {vaginally} the baby gets a lot of your vaginal flora which helps protect the baby against infection and help with post natal development of the immune system**. The major source of your immune-building good bacteria is following a baby's initial implantation through the birth canal. 

That's why if you {the mom} have to take antiobiotics - which wipes out the good flora - when pregnant please try and take as many probiotics afterwards to help build it all back up. This can help the child prevent allergies, eczema, etc.  Also eating lots of fermented foods while pregnant works similar to a probiotic. 

If you're not eating your best, you'll want to be sure to supplement. 

Today I will share with you how to quickly turn a boring sweet potato into something super tasty and addicting! If you do follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I made sweet potato tacos the other day using these exact sweet potato fries. My kids and I fight over these fries they are so good and easy. 


1-2 sweet potatoes

Coconut oil {I prefer the spray for this recipe}

sea salt, to taste

Prehead the oven to just about 400 degrees F. Using a very sharp knife, cut the sweet potato into large chunks. You'll want to make the chunks are long and about 2 inches thick. Once you've done that, you'll be able to better cut smaller french fry slices/chunks. Make sure they aren't too thick. I like them all to be about the same thickness so they cook evenly. 

Using a cookie sheet you'll want to first spray the coconut oil on the tray. Then you'll want to evenly spread the french fries. Spray the oil on top of the fries again. Sprinkle sea salt nicely over the fries. 

Cook for 10 minutes until they start to brown. Then flip them once. You'll want to give them another 10 minutes maybe longer. The fries should look browned - some will be crunchy and others soft. Make sure they are cooked through and not burnt. 

NOTE: Please keep checking them as they are cooking. Some ovens are different. In fact mine is a split oven and heats up faster than most ovens. So it might end in different cook times. 

Your kids will love them too!