{more} Travel Snack Ideas :: Meals In A Bar!

I'm going to start this post saying that I think I am now getting to be the expert pre-packaged foods buyer because I have been on-the-go so much lately!! You'll see that I haven't posted too many new recipes lately!! It's because I've been so on-the-go planning parties and doing family stuff that I haven't even find them time or excitement to cook! {and if I do, I'm scrambling to work on that eRecipe book I promised everybody}!

Anyways, as I always talk about on this site - the Trader Joes granola bars and fruit bars and those nutrigrain things are NO GOOD when it comes to nutrition. They might keep the kids quite {which is worth it} at times, but let's face it, there is no real fruit, lots of refined grains {not gluten free}, lots of sugar and nothing is all that fresh or raw. So...here are a few substitutes. Of course they cost more than that box of 6 granola bars, but honestly, it's wroth it. These particular bars not only provide at least 1 serving of fruit and lost of protein and fiber, they are a meal in themselves. One of these bars is more nutritious than the average American's {SAD} meal. 

Keep the fridge and pantry stocked with these just in case you have to leave the house or in case of unplanned meltdowns. 

Attention PREGNANT women - these bars make GREAT purse snacks. Keep them all over the house and in the car! Honestly, you're way better off snacking on these then waiting until hunger strikes so strongly that you're ready to hit the drive through! Also, some contain honey and nuts, so make sure you child is 1 before you give them to him. I gave my sons nuts and honey much earlier, but don't do as I do. 

1. The Perfect Food Bar {sweetened with raw honey, not vegan, no organic, high protein, contains peanuts, must be refrigerated} :: 2. larabar {vegan, not organic, raw} :: 3. fruitition {PROBAR offshoot, raw ingredients, not organic, contains oats, lots of fruit, new product} :: 4. jocalat {great as a chocolate treat, raw, organic} :: 5. the GoodOnYa bar {made in San Diego, good taste, contains raw foods, vegan, organic, small company, contains peanuts} :: 6. kookie karma {personal fav ;) high in protein, raw, organic, small company} :: 7. The Probar {lots of calories, fun flavors, gourmet, vegan, contains raw ingredients, high in protein, contains peanuts} :: 8. Macrobar {contains raw ingredients, organic, yummy, good texture}