Your Child's "Pantry" Basics


{My son has been obsessed with coconuts lately, so I have been filling them with green smoothies and it works, he loves it and drinks a ton of it - ha - make it fun and they will drink/eat it}

I have been asked quite a bit about what I feed my little ones. Of course my goal is that our snacks and meals are palatable but I also want to be sure they are getting optimal nutrition. In a perfect world, kids would devour greens and smoothies, but as we all know that's rarely the case. Those greens always seem to get pulled out of the mouth no matter how well I think I'm hiding them. I'm pretty sure it's a texture thing.

This whole topic might take a few posts so for now I will start with just the pantry basics.

Here's what I keep on hand {again, check with your nutritionist and pediatrician}:

- Coconut Oil {fresh, cold-pressed} and/or ghee

- Grains like Millet & Kamut & Oats for breakfast

- Homemade cashew milk {this can become chocolate milk, green milk, honey milk, whatever} and/or goats milk. 

- Green Powder and/or romain lettuce {for smoothies}

- Almond Butter {raw}

- Raw Honey and/or Agave Nectar and/or Stevia {for babies over the age of 1}

- Frozen super ripe bananas {lots}

- Young Coconuts

- Fresh strawberries

- Omega oil {you can do fish or flax or whatever fits your family's needs best}

- Almond milk {homemade or store bought}

- Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

- Fresh pressed Apple Juice

- Cucumber & lemons

- Grains of some sort (i.e. sprouted grains, frozen gluten-free waffles, quinoa, brown rice, oats)

- Gluten-free Cookies* (Kookie Karma or similar products)

- Gluten-Free Crackers (i.e. make own kale chips, or buy rice crackers)

- Bars {i.e. larabar or make your own macaroons at home}

- Goats Milk or Raw Cows milk {I only do this once a month or every 2 weeks if that}

- Manna bread

- Beans

- Muffins make really great quick snacks for on-the-go families 

- Nuts and Seeds

- Fruit leather and onion bread or other sprouted breads

- Vitamins {chewable - these function as "treats" in our house}

- Organic eggs

First and foremost I would like to say there's no white sugar or refined flours nor are there any fake sugars. Please don't stock up on soda or chocolate milk. The reasons I prefer to leave these out of my kids' diets for now is because why introduce that yet - they have the rest of their lives to be addicted to that stuff. Sugary foods are so addicting and if they fill up on that stuff then there's no room for veggies. Not to mention, you'll be fighting with them to eat the healthy stuff. 

 Fruit and fresh squeezed (juiced) juice is actually very great for the type of energy that kids need. Carbs are good for kids! Don't get me wrong. I am in no way saying they need a low carb diet. Running around the house and throwing toys all over the place is quite tiring. I know I would need sugar pick-me-ups all the time (or espressos). 

More on how to prepare foods with your pantry basics...coming up! Read the post here.

PURE MAMAS is a blog that is dedicated to sharing healthy recipes using basic ingredients. Enjoy...and good luck.