Your Child's Pantry Basics :: Part 5


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Fresh pressed apple juice! That's all I gotta say. It's part of my Kids Pantry Basics and you can feel good about giving this type of apple juice to your young ones. 

If your child is anything like mine, or anything like millions of other kids out there, he/she is addicted to apple juice. Not orange juice, not water, not grape juice, not smoothies, just apple juice. My 18 month old will say "apple juice" at random times throughout the day just in hopes that in response to one of those times will be an "ok"! And yes, there is an ok here and there. If he didn't say it, his chances of getting it would be a lot slimmer. Smart kid!

Today for example we made apple juice mixed with some carrots (juiced) and other times we'll throw in some ginger and lemon or a cucumber. My son drinks it like it's good old apple juice. 

So feel good about his habit. No longer feel bad about juicing your kid up with some sugar filled sippy cups! {ok, you might still want to limit his/her intake to a few cups a day!}

NOTE: pregnant woman - if you are okay with drinking unpasteurized juices, like I was, go for it. Make this at home and add ginger. I was obsessed with this as a preg lady! I made lots of lemon, apple and ginger juices at home. With lots of ice. Ginger is good for nausea. And anything cold feels so good. I don't see the difference in eating an apple that is raw - not pasteurized - and drinking the juice from it. In fact, doctors are saying that it is ok to drink it if you're drinking it immediately after juicing it

{-----> but, you might want to consult with your doc before doing so}.