Millet, Chia + Orange Zest Granola

It's been a busy couple weeks and I have had a few new recipe ideas stewing in my brain. One was a new macaroon flavor {check}. Another was a healthy take on traditional oats and fruit granola. Today I'm sharing with you a raw version of the granola because The Honest Company blog is sharing my baked version with their readers. You do not need a dehydrator for that version but you will need one for this recipe. 


To sprout seeds and grains like millet and buckwheat, just soak for 3-4 hours in a bowl. Then rinse. Transfer to a mesh strainer and let sit in a warm spot - maybe by the window. {make sure you put a bowl under strainer so the water doesn't go all over the place}. The seeds will sprout tiny tails overnight. They are now ready to rinse and use in your cereal. It's really easy and really important to not skip this step when making homemade raw granolas.

You can germinate the seeds only {they won't grow tails} by soaking the seeds for 4-5 hours before making the cereal. This works well too. You can totally skip the sprouting overnight part if you just want to germinate the seeds. The seeds will sprout a bit in the warm dehydrator.


For those of you without a dehydrator...don't forget to check out my baked version over at the Honest Company blog. Enjoy!