Your Child's Pantry Basics :: Part 2

Here I am again pushing smoothies! In case you haven't yet realized the importance of a daily smoothie, I'm here again to (re)emphasize it! 

It's my healthy "kid's pantry 101" starter recipe.

If you haven't seen my first "your child's pantry" blog post - about what you should have on hand at all times in your pantry - you might want to check it out. 

Now, it's time to put those ingredients to use.

Let's start with the basic kid's smoothies.

Every day you should make your child a smoothie (esp when you don't have time to sit and feed the babes). It's a great nourishing, on-the-go meal.

Here's a few things (see the past pantry post) you should always put your smoothies:

coconut oil  and/or flax oil

protein powder (i.e. hemp protein, brown rice protein) and/or scoop of raw almond butter

frozen fruit (a good tropical variety and berries as well)

greens (fresh and/or powdered)

milk (no cow's but rather almond, cashew milk or coconut water)

banana, ripe (frozen or fresh)

->> sweetener (agave, coconut sugar or stevia or raw honey) - OPTIONAL

This is a great basic smoothie that your child will LOVE. Almost guaranteed (unless you have a VERY picky child, ha).

I know that this isn't an exact recipe. But please I encourage you to play with the above items and find something that works for your family! You honestly can't go wrong. If it seems too watery, add more fruit or protein powder, if it seems to thick, add more liquid. Not sweet enough - add a bit of sweetener or more frozen bananas. Adding sweetener is GREAT if your child is super picky (all kids love sweet things, just don't over do it every time).

I also like smoothies because my son hates most fruit. This way he gets some fruit and some protein and some greens for the day it's super easy and they love it!

Everybody likes their smoothies different. Explore. And most importantly, have fun!

NEXT UP: Snack Ideas Using Your Child's Pantry Basics.