Baby Roman


I haven't posted anything new in exactly 4 weeks - the day we welcomed Roman McKinnon into the world! He weighed 6lbs 13oz and the labor couldn't have been any easier and better - and hour and half with no IVs, no drugs, no doula, no midwife, just a birthing ball and dad - it was amazing!

So far Roman has been awesome. Just a really mellow baby (never cries) but boy is he a talker. He grunts, groans, moans, squeels and squirms, ALL NIGHT LONG!! So, as most mom's experience, sleep as been a problem (and that's not fun when you have another child in diapers barely walking to take care of at 8am). But, it's been really fun to bring another healthy baby into the world.

Stay Tuned For More Posts (when I get some more sleep)!