JUST Vegan Breakfast Burrito | Kimchi Mayo Dipping Sauce


Hey everybody, it’s been awhile. I’ve been caught in a Mom rut lately but I’m back and ready with a few of my favorite recipes as of late. Have you guys had JUST eggs yet? Never heard of it? The makers of JUST mayo created an egg scramble batter that looks and tastes just like eggs. It’s made from none of there than mung beans! I have made it way too many times; my kids are sick of scrambled eggs and omelets right now.


Today we did burritos. Super simple, super easy, protein filled sausage and egg breakfast burritos. And the kimchi mayo sauce is magic, one of my favorites right now. Add a dash of Chulula and you’re golden. We added some garlic sauce, but you could swap for Veganaise and cheese of your choice. The tortilla is key - go gluten-free or whole wheat, it’s your choice. But the softer the better so it hold together well.


Add some spinach or arugula for added fiber and nutrition. We love the Field Roast apple smoked sausages right now, so we added those too. It’s ridiculously filling and full of plant-based protein. This could be lunch or dinner as well. No need to limit yourself to breakfast. You’ll be so glad you made these, go for it! Let me know what you think…message me or post your own photos on Instagram.


JUST Breakfast Burrito Recipe

yields 1 breakfast burrito

Wrap Ingredients


Wrap Directions

  1. Heat the earth balance on a skillet. Once it’s liquid, add Just eggs. Let it cook, don’t add salt or cheese. Just cook it until firm, not liquid.

  2. Add sausage and cook longer until sausages are warm. Turn off heat.

  3. On a microwave safe plate layer tortilla with cheese and mayo sauce (recipe below). Warm tortilla for about 30 seconds.

  4. Add greens of choice. Then add the eggs and sausage mixture. Quickly wrap the burrito up. Enjoy while hot. Top with sriracha or Chulula hot sauce if desired.

Dipping Sauce Ingredients

Dipping Sauce Directions

  1. In a small dish mix the above ingredients thoroughly with a fork or spoon.

Protein Concerns & Ideas {not all raw}


So, of course, the whole protein issue is a big one for moms {and pregnant women too} trying to transition to a more raw or vegan or just healthier lifestyle. I get this questions a lot: "what about protein? how will my kids get enough?" or I hear moms talk about how their need meat a few times a week at least. It's a valid concern and my goal is to help moms and children get more raw foods into their diets without having to totally revamp their entire way of eating and doing things at home.  

I also do not want to spend hours writing about the whole protein debate, that can be a later topic of debate in the discussions section of PUREmamas. 

I have read countless books and been to numerous seminars on holistic nutrition and/or raw nutrition and also been to numerous seminars led by amazing MDs turned naturopaths and the topic of eggs has come up a lot. 

If you poach the eggs or lightly cook {yolks still runny - unless you're pregnant} them, the nature of the protein is more digestible and better for us. When overcooked the eggs molecules become denatured. 

Stick to poached eggs or lightly steamed egg whites. Easy on the stomach and very palatable for young children. GREAT for pregnant women, too, it seems like every pregnant woman I know LOVES an CRAVES eggs. 

To balance the acidity and add more micro and macronutrients like vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates and omegas, serve the eggs with vegetable crackers and a fruit smoothie. 

This will fill up your child and give him/her the healthy energy she needs to grow and play. Of course wait until he/she is over the age of 1. I would say even 1 1/2 but it's up to you and your doctor when to introduce eggs. 

For some fun laughs, I took a few photos of my son after his nap the same day he had this egg meal. Take a look at his hair. What must he be doing in bed to get it like this? He's one crazy maniac. 

Hope it brightened your day.   

Thomas pajamas that his babysitter bought him. He loves them.

not sure what to say about this.