New Recipe Alert: Margs, Lattes, Noodles & Superfood Wild Rice Salad

It's been a jam packed few months for our family over here in San Diego. I'm in the middle of finished up my plant-based nutrition course through eCornell University. It's a great resource and very educational, science backed course. I can't wait to share some of the information I'm learning with you all. Here is a peek into some recipes I've developed over the past few months! Happy Summer everybody!

recipe alert! fresh spicy pineapple margs + passionfruit lemon margs. Plant-based #vegan recipes. #purekitchenblog
Superfood Protein-packed Wild Rice Salad #vuori #purekitchenblog #plant-based #vegan #dairyfree

New recipes created in my kitchen these past few weeks. The tropical margs were enjoyed at a friends house a few weeks ago and the wild rice salad was developed for the Vuori clothing blog. This combo would make a great additional to any bbq. Fresh, clean, wholesome, dairy-free, gluten-free, and loaded with vitamins and minerals. 

Laksa Noodles in Lime Broth | simple, easy to make, delicious and healthy! Plant-based nutrition #purekitchenblog #honestcompany
Recipe Alert! Vegan Plant-based Hazelnut Milk Latte! #purekitchenblog

Noodles in broth, even during the Summer, is something I can't live without. When I'm feeling run down or on the verge of a cold, this soup will nip in the bud! Delicious. Check out this recipe I developed for the Honest Company blog. Tired of the boring cup of coffee or tea? If you're looking for something new and exciting to wake up to, this hazelnut milk latte recipe is to die for. All of the people who have ended up trying this recipe at home, loved it. This milk frother will change your morning game.