The One + A Half Smoothie

So often I go the entire day thinking I'm eating healthy; toast with avocado, almond milk coffee, tofu and tomatoes for lunch, almonds and some dried fruit for a snack, or almond yogurt with granola and lots of lemon water. By dinner I'm thinking lentils and rice with avocado; anything quick and healthy so I can play with my kids, get them bathed and in bed. By the end of the evening I realize I've gone a whole day without any hearty greens or fruit? 

Sometimes (most of the time, let's face it) we just don't have time to sit and organize our balanced meals. Or maybe we don't have ingredients on hand. Whatever it might be that keeps you from your greens and vegetables, I have the solution for you:





+ No added sugars

+ No juice

+ No dairy

+ No protein powders

+ No expensive superfoods

+Just clean fresh spinach, bananas, cashew milk and hemlp seeds

DSC_0402 (1).jpg

This recipe is actually really great for breakfast as well. It's light and goes well with some avocado toast. You can add some matcha powder for added caffeine and antioxidants if you're making it in the morning. It's not too heavy which is nice if you want to workout right after you drink it. 



1.5 cups (85 g) baby spinach or 1.5 large handfuls

1.5 super ripe frozen bananas 

1.5 cups (10oz) cashew milk / homemade or store bought

1.5 Tbsp organic hemp seeds (optional but a great source of protein)


Put everything into a blender and blend away on high until totally blended smooth. Voila. Super easy and a great dose of veggies. 


Total: Calories 253 Carbs 27 Fat 12 Protein 8 Sodium 194 Sugar 16

You don't have to drink the entire smoothie. You can share it or save it for the morning. Use it as "milk" on top of some granola. 


--> What is YOUR favorite way to get your greens and your veggies? Share below in the comments; I'd love to hear your ideas. 

--> If you make the smoothie, feel free to share on Instagram and tag me @julinovotny or #puremamas - I'd love to see your creation.