oooh la la // vegan cheez-its

I've been dying to share this recipe with everybody! It's a fabulous healthier recreation of the cheez-it style cracker that we all know and love. I've busy again this week over at BasilHealth so head over there to find this dairy-free & gluten-free recipe! Yes, these are dairy and gluten free! {note: in case you don't already know -- i have a day job which includes recipe formulating for a consumer health / tech company in the bay area which is going to make its big debut in a few months - sign up so you can stay in the loop, you will NOT want to miss out}! 


These crackers are so cheesy, crunchy and perfect for the little fingers. 

Paired with fruit or ants on a log, these crackers make the perfect snack. As you can see my daughter devoured them. But I think I ate even more than all three of my kids combined. I will for sure make these again! 

For the recipe please check out my write up over at