Kale Herb Salad + Spicy Tahini Dressing

Things have been so busy around here. There is something about being busy that not only results in my not eating enough hearty meals but sometimes not eating enough food in general, which is bad because as we health foodies know - the more food the BETTER when it comes to health. More food equals MORE nutrients for the body. 

Too much cereal or candy or dessert or meat might not be considered a healthy thing; but lots and lots of vibrant green veggies and fresh fruit is crucial when you're on a plant heavy diet. Needless to say, stress and not eating, makes me CRAVE kale. Kale is so healthy and full of antioxidants and fiber. It's dark color says it all. 

Herbs are also full of interesting health benefits and are one of my favorite additions to just about any meal - salads, tacos, fruit bowls, acai bowls, sandwiches, scrambles, thai food, fajitas, you name it.  

Kale is always best pre-marinated and chopped super fine. I love marinating a whole head of kale in juice of half a lemon juice and a Tbsp of olive oil. Just massage the mixture into the kale leaves and let it sit - either on the countertop at room temp for an hour or in the fridge. This softens the kale takes away the bitter overly crunchy taste and texture. 

When I'm really hungry I add rice. This time I added black rice. A little extra dressing is all you need when you add the rice to this salad. If you're not feeling as hungry just go for a chopped salad instead. 



yields 2 large salads


1 head dark kale, finely chopped and marinated (see notes above)

1 carrot, julienne peeled

1/3 large cucumber julienne peeled

3 cups arugula

2-3 Tbsp basil, finely chopped

2-3 Tbsp mint, finely chopped

2-3 Tbsp cilantro, finely chopped

3 Tbsp shallots, finely chopped

toasted sesame seeds

2 cups cooked black rice (optional)


+ In a large salad bowl combine all chopped ingredients.

+ Dress the salad with the spicy maple tahini dressing (recipe below)

Spicy Maple Tahini Dressing

yields 1/3 cup dressing


3 Tbsp roasted tahini 

3 Tbsp tamari

2 Tbsp seasoned rice vinegar

1 tsp hot chili sesame oil

1 Tbsp olive oil

2 Tbsp maple syrup 

handful of mint leaves


+ Blend all of the ingredients listed above in a high speed blender until creamy and smooth. 

+ Serve immediately. 



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Happy weekending!

xoxo - Juli