Super Power Kale Caesar

It’s pretty much unanimous that kale is the new black. It’s not just the vegan yogis who are obsessing over this antioxidant rich vegetable—it’s just about everyone and for good reason.

This dark leafy green is high on the list of the world’s healthiest foods, because just a half cup serving packs large amounts of vitamins K, A and C; minerals zinc, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper and phosphorus; as well as protein, folate, B vitamins, lutein and alpha linolenic acid.

And one of my most favorite ways of eating this leafy green is in a kale caesar {I do love my sautéed kale though}. I love romaine, don't get me wrong, and romaine is also a really healthy veggie. But the darker, more bitter and more dense the leafy green, the more super powers it has.

I wrote a post for BasilHealth again this week talking all sorts of kale news. I swear I even mention kale when talking about preventing cancer.  It's that intense. 

You won't want to miss my recipe for vegan gluten-free croutons that you can make in the microwave. Yeah, I know, I don't even have a microwave in my kitchen because I despise them that much. It sits in the garage where it can put off all the EMFs it wants to. I use it to warm up coffee or tea or frozen rice in a quick minute. I also make vegan gluten-free caramel sauce in that thing...yep, recipe will be coming soon. 

And although this caesar salad is full of hearty plants, the recipe I'm sharing isn't vegan. I know, you must be thinking I'm going some kind of crazy and fallen off my healthy wagon; but, don't fret, I am just being real and honest. Sometimes life calls for short cuts and it's not always the perfect route. 

This recipe though can be made vegan, which is how I prefer it. Sub avocado or your favorite vegan parmesan for the parmesan cheese!

Kale Caesar Salad Recipe

yields 4 nice size salads


1 bunch swiss chard, washed and thinly chopped

1 bunch kale, washed and thinly chopped 

1/3 cup parmesan 

Homemade or store-bought gluten-free croutons


1/3 cup olive oil

5-6 cloves of garlic

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

4 Tbsp lemon juice

1 can anchovies, mashed and oil removed {sub 2 Tbls capers for vegan version}


1. In a large salad bowl, add the chopped dark greens and parmesan. 

2. In a separate glass bowl or measuring cup, add the ingredients for the dressing. You’ll want to make sure you thoroughly mash the anchovies first. Then with a fork or whisk, you’ll want to whisk the dressing until it almost looks creamy. About 30 seconds.

3. Dress the salad a few minutes before you’re ready to eat. Add croutons and mix again.

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