Creamy Potato Soup + Simple Eggless Pancakes

This potato soup is one of my favorites because it's so creamy {cheesy} and filling yet made with only plants. No dairy, no flour, no grains, no sugar. Just potatoes, garlic and cashew cream. It's a smooth puree as opposed to a chunky soup. It goes really well with a green salad and chilled glass of white wine. 

I topped mine with fresh pepper and some sriracha sauce for some added spice. You see more pics and get the entire recipe over on The Honest Company blog. If you're tired of minestrone and tomato bisque, you'll want to make this recipe. 

And I've also been playing around with aquafaba for awhile now. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It's basically the liquid you find inside the can of garbanzo beans. You know that kind of gooey thick clear stuff that we normally throw out before using the beans? Well, for those of you vegans who don't like to waste anything, this ingredient is for you. 

Aquafaba acts as a binder in recipes; it's an egg replacer so to speak. Think chocolate mouse and lemon meringue. 

I decided to perfect a super simple, super healthy pancake recipe using aquafaba. Because we eat so many pancakes in this household. 

The ingredients are so clean and with just a blender, you can make these delicious, egg and gluten free pancakes. 

I always use real organic maple syrup and some kind of buttery spread with mine. But you can top your with bananas, cinnamon, chocolate chips, whip cream and so on. 

My kids go crazy for these pancakes. 


Yields 8 medium-sized pancakes


2/3 cup almond meal/flour

½ cup gluten-free baking flour

1/3 cup quick cook oatmeal {or 1 plain oatmeal packet}

1/3-3/4 cup aquafaba {garbanzo bean liquid}

1 ½ Tbsp cooking oil {plus extra for cooking}

2 Tbsp coconut sugar

1 very ripe banana {with brown spots on it}


1. In a high-speed blender, blend everything on low, then medium and then high for about 30 seconds, or until mixture looks creamy and well blended. 

2. Heat skillet on medium with a little oil to lightly coat the entire pan. Pour mixture onto hot skillet and cook until you see the batter bubble up a bit. Then flip. 

3. Cook again for a good 2-3 minutes. 

4. Keep flipping until you have desired pancake texture. 

5. Repeat until batter is all gone. 

Allergy note: If you’re allergic to nuts, forget the almond meal and just use extra gluten-free baking mix. I tried it this way as well and it works fine.

I am also sharing really good cookie recipe using aquafaba over on the BasilHealth web site. Plus I talk more about this ingredient in the article as well. 

Check it out...

Cheers to happy and healthy weekend everybody! Enjoy and don't to be grateful.