Snacking on Toast + Pressed Juicery in SD?

Sometimes the easiest, most simple ideas aren't so obvious. I'm sharing my mix-and-match toast ideas for weekends with the kids. Simple snacking done healthy and wholesome. Check out the entire post in the PURE LITTLES section.  



Plus, there's some exciting news to share: Pressed Juicery is coming to San Diego. Opening day will be Sept 19th and they are offering FREE juice! Go check it out. I'm so excited about this. I just love the Chalkboard Mag {Pressed Juicery's blog}, where I also contribute recipes from time to time {see them here}. 

Also in the news...SUNSCREEN TALK! 

Friends, family and readers ask me ALL the time which sunscreen I use for my kids, etc. I don't go to the beach for hours at a time without sunscreen. But I prefer not to use sunscreen everyday because I love the Vit and getting sun exposure {note: I use a tinted daily spf on my face}. When I am at the beach all weekend, like this past holiday weekend, I pack an umbrella for shade, put rash guards on the kids, wear a good hat and use Honest Company sunscreen

It's also important to understand the whole complicated SPF thing when you're trying to pick a sunscreen. Do you buy SPF 15 or 50? It all depends on how long you're in the sun, etc. Read the full length article that I wrote for BasilHealth, talking about SPF and natural sunscreens - I also talk about my other favorite sunscreens.