Savory Seaweed Rice Breakfast

I haven't spoken much about my trip to Hawaii here in the blog but I did post a few pics on Instagram. We had the mostly lovely trip and quality time together. We haven't been on a trip together since my older boys were like 1 year and 2 years old. It was a long time coming. 


One of the best parts of traveling is often the food. The different cuisines and culinary experiences are key to the authentic experience. But sometimes food can be the most difficult part of travel. And with a child who is gluten intolerant, a son who doesn't do well with dairy, a mom who is vegan a dad who is pescatarian we are pretty laughable at best. But we did our best to keep under the radar and just be chill about the whole trip. Not worry too much about what we were eating. 

The morning all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat buffet was definitely a plus for a family of five. But between the donuts, the omelets and the cheese, I had a hard time finding any options. However, admits the food chaos I found a little "miso soup" bar. It must be for the Japanese visitors. 

I was so excited to see a rice cooker filled with hot white rice. Every morning I piled up my bowl with rice, seaweed, walnuts, tofu, picked gobo root and a little salt and pepper. Along with a plate of papaya of course. 

I loved this warm savory breakfast so much that I decided to replicate it at home. I make it now a few times a week mid morning after my boys are off to school and my baby is napping. It's so nice and comforting on the chilly Fall mornings. 


Serves 1 

1/2 cup cooked white rice {you can get it premade in the freezer isle if you're too tired to make it}

1/4 cup chopped tofu

1/4 cup dried arame seaweed 

2 Tbls sriracha queso sauce {i keep this stuff on hand at all times}

1 Tbls cultured or pickled veggies {optional}

few slices of ripe avocado

In a small bowl or measuring cup add cover dried seaweed in super hot water to soften / re-hydrate it before eating. In your favorite soup or salad bowl add the rest of the ingredients. Top with the queso sauce. Drain the seaweed and add that as well. 

You can obviously have fun with this bowl and add your own touches. I added a little bit of the seaweed water to the bowl, for more seaweed flavor and nutrients.