Happy 2016 + Let's Get Cooking

Tomorrow is a big day for the entire world - it's the start of a new year and that means, we all put on our thinking caps, or clean out our pantries, in hopes for a fresh start at hitting goals and becoming a better you

This year I too have been reflecting on yet another year gone and dreaming all the things I want to do in this new year. 

So I have decided that I need your help. And this time around, I will simultaneously help you as well. We can work together to be healthier. 


Please submit - via the comments below or on the Facebook page - your favorite unhealthy recipes or guilty pleasures that you just can't give up. 

I will help you get rid of whatever it is that is standing in your way. What are you having trouble giving up? What's getting the way of your goals? Using only healthy plant-based ingredients, I want to turn your unhealthy recipe into a healthy one. 

I will select as many of them as I can to transform...so hurry up, I'm ready!

Also, if you have any health food goals, reach out to me as well. Thanks...and let's do this 2016! It's time to clean that pantry and those recipes. 

Happiest New Year Everybody!