Coconut Yogurt For Breakfast

Homemade is just always better. I know that making things at home is more time consuming than grabbing something already made at the store. But before we label something as "icky" or "gross" we always have to try the fresh/homemade version first. This goes for almond milk {stuff in the box is no where near as good as homemade/fresh}, coconut water {fresh young coconuts are amazing but the cans...not so much!}, and coconut yogurt {stuff on the shelves at Whole Foods aren't all that wonderful}

So before you stick out your tongue and frown at the idea of yogurt made from coconuts, try the homemade version first. You'll see why some people swear by it. My kids like it too, and shhh, they don't even know it's coconut and super healthy.

This recipe is full of natural electrolytes and probiotics {good bacteria for the healthy gut}!



4 young thai coconuts

1 cup of young thai coconut water

1/2 TSP Kefir starter OR 2 capsules of high quality probiotics

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 vanilla bean, scraped

1 Tbls maple syrup or honey


In a Vitamix, add all ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy, like your favorite yogurt. 

Let sit at room temperature for about 15 hours. This will activate kefir starter and/or probiotics capsules. Refrigerate. Yogurt will last 3 days. Top with your favorite granola or fruit. 

Note: persimmons are wonderful with this yogurt. So are berries and kumquats when in season. Also, try almond extract, cacao, or even some extra lemon. For a heartier breakfast add granola or you can top it with sweeter fruits like, peaches, bananas, and so on. Enjoy!

And hooray for Worldwide Coconut Day - September 2nd! And if you can't get around to making yogurt at least grab a young coconut and cheers to that!