St Patty's Day Green Tea Ice Cream

This ice cream is not only vegan {dairy-free} but also contains only 4 ingredients. When making green tea ice cream, it's important to buy really good matcha green tea. Warning: it's expensive! But, you can also drink this wonderful matcha tea and it's full of wonderful antioxidants. I think it's the healthiest tea around. 

Also, you can choose your sweetener of choice for this recipe. I did a blend of organic sugar and erythritol. Vanilla bean and vanilla extract combined, adds a wonderful flavor as well. 

What a fun, healthy dessert for St Patty's Day! It does contain caffeine so it might not be the best idea for kids. There are no fake dyes though {wink}!


2 cans coconut milk, refrigerated overnight, clear liquid discarded 

3 heaping Tbls matcha green tea powder

3 Tbls erythritol

4 Tbls organic granulated sugar {or sweeteners of your choice}

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp vanilla bean, scraped

In a blender combine white {fatty} coconut cream with everything else. Blend in a blender on low to medium, until well blended, creamy and smooth.  

Transfer to freezer in air tight container until thoroughly frozen. Or follow directions on ice cream maker. When ready to eat, let ice cream sit at room temp for about 4-5 minutes before scooping and serving. 

Top with DANG coconut chips for a wonderful crunch.