Peaches And Cream {dairy-free}

I think the reason I'm so excited about this recipe is because there are only three ingredients and yet it looks and tastes super gourmet. 

If you haven't yet made coconut whip cream, you are definitely missing out. I mean, this stuff is amazing and so easy to make. Just whip it up in less than 5 minutes and it can be used on pie, ice cream, hot chocolate, in this case fruit, and anything really! 


1 can coconut cream {refrigerated overnight for 1 or 2+ nights}

2 Tbls maple syrup 

In a bowl scrape out the hard coconut cream from the can. Add maple syrup and using a high hand mixer, blend the coconut on super turbo high speed until it froths and whips up into a creamy texture.

Chop up some fresh organic super ripe peaches, top with coconut whip cream and enjoy!

I contemplated making a pretty peach pie instead of this recipe. BUT instead I chose to share the beauty in the simplicity of this recipe. Sometimes the easiest and things taste the best. There isn't always a need for a list of steps and ingredients to make something extraordinary.

And once you master this you can have fun in the kitchen and play around with your own ideas.  

Add granola or hemp seeds for more protein. Eat it for breakfast if you wish. Or sit in the sunshine and just dip your fruit in the cream like I did. 

My kids enjoyed it as well. Let them get messy and dip all kinds of things in it.