Best Guacamole Ever

It's seems every time it's taco night around here {friends and family get together for taco tuesday quite often in SD - it's kind of a tradition} I get asked to make the guacamole. Friends hand me the avos and say "can you make that good guac you always make?"  

Well, I have a confession: there's no trick and only a few simple ingredients. Anybody can make it and make it fast! 

I'd personally rather focus my time on roasting sweet veggies and making vegan sour cream than fussing with the guac. So, here is my SUPER FANCY guacamole recipe for all of you looking for the perfect simple kid-friendly dip this Taco Tuesday! 


3 avocados

1 lemon or lime, juice only {more if you like it tangier}

sea salt, to taste

pepper, to taste

Mash the avos however you'd like, maybe with a mortar or just a fork. Add lemon juice, sea salt and LOTS of pepper! Blend well and serve with your favorite veggies or chips. OR use as a sauce on your favorite veggie tacos. I ate mine with Cabo Chips! Have you tried them? Mmmmm. They recently sent me a few bags and wow, are they delicious. Whole Foods Markets carry them!

Enjoy. Happy Taco making!