Tips For A Chemical-Free Summer

Summer is the hottest time of the year and the buggiest time of the year. I'm not a huge fan of either. I mean, yes, I love the produce this time of year and warm beach vacations, ocean swims, BBQs with friends and sunlight until 9pm but I don't love sweating at night and feeling sticky all day and being covered in mosquito bites. Nor do I like worrying about my skin being exposed to the harsh sun. Afterall, I'm not in my 20s anymore. 



Even worse? Pest control + sun protection = lots of chemical sprays! Between sunscreen and bug sprays we're just lathering our yards and bodies with pesticides and toxic lotions. Swimming pools are sunscreen soups. 

So I've decided to share with you a good list of safe sprays and lotions that works well to combat sun exposure and the creepy crawlers lurking in our gardens. This is just my list. I'm sure there are other great ones out there. But you can feel good using these products at home and on your bodies.


1) Honest Company {gets a good score on ewg}

2)  Sunny Kids by Goddess Garden Organics {yay for a non-toxic SPRAY...finally!!!}


1)  Orange Guard

2)  Eco Smart


1)  Greener Ways

2)  Honest Company


Meredith and Christine are also here to share their homemade essential oil recipes that keep the bugs out and house clean without chemicals. Woot! 

Christine's Tips {see above}:

A (string) combo of eucalyptus, rosemary, clove and thyme diluted in water is excellent to prevent pests from entering the home when sprayed as along the perimeter and entrances to the home. It's kid and pet safe so is awesome for interior use as well. We spray it near the fireplace, along windows, doors and near the garage... A few drops in doggie or kittie's neckline keeps fleas away too!  

Surprisingly awesome in the yard to get rid of weeds is water and white vinegar! Simple, safe and effective. Well- tended, uncoated mulches are another natural solution that doesn't spraying anything, just maintenance. You can make your own with wood and seagrass. 

Fave book on this topic, Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck


Meredith's Tips:

Peppermint oil!  I use it all the time in the house. It is a natural disinfectant, cleanser, deodorizer and great for pet smells. 

It makes a bathroom smell like a spa. Great to clean the kitchen because it eliminates other kitchen smells like garlic, onions, fish, burnt smells. {I personally don't like my kitchen to smell like food}

I also feel like it helps fight allergens, and makes dust less of an issue. 

I sprinkle it on EVERYTHING. 

ANNNNDDD when LITTLE MISS PRISS (the cat) gets PISSY I sprinkle it on her spots and she is scared away! 

Good luck!