Time to Rejuvenate...naturally!

It's that time of the year for me when I like to take a personal time out! And treat myself to a day at the {home} spa!  

Lately I've been LOVING my beauty products. I feel so clean afterwards. Not only am I sharing the step by step process but my favorite beauty products to go along with it.  


I want to quickly start off by saying, it's important to use clean natural products on your body and face. You could follow these same steps with your own exfoliators or masks or toothpaste, etc. But you're not always doing your body a favor when you use just any product off the Target shelves. Even some of the most expensive products sold only at salons are STILL not something I want on my body! Often times products smell or feel good to the skin because they contain weird chemicals that can be bad for your cells and cause more serious damage to the integumentary lymphatic and nervous systems. 

Our skin is our largest organ on the body. Don't forget that. So what you put on it affects everything under it because it soaks in. And what you put in your body shows up on your skin. Because our body's systems and organs are all connected. That's why sunscreen is controversial - most of them contain chemicals that can cause cancer but sunscreen is used to prevent cancer?! Frustrating. Side Note: Try Honest Company sunscreen. It works and it's chemical free

Anyways, that's all I'm going to say about that. I'm sure everybody knows that. But we often forget and I'm just here to remind you and myself because I need reminders all the time

Let's move onto your wonderful spa day at home! 

First is to exfoliate. I would exfoliate my entire body with a good scrub brush. But most importantly use a good face scrub. I recently tried Morrocco Methods products and they are just wonderful. All made with edible ingredients {raw and vegan}  they are truly the cleanest, purest products around. I loved the face scrub

Next, you gotta get a good mask. Anything from Andalou Naturals is a great choice. I have tried almost all of their products and they are pure but also more on the clinical side of things using fruit stem cells {vegan, non gmo and sulfate free}. A lot of the ingredients are organic as well. The blue geranium clay mask is awesome

Note: you can also wash your hair first and put coconut oil in the roots as a great hair conditioner/hair mask. Just don't forget to rinse it out really well.  

Third, run a bath that's full of bath salts or natural fragrance. Dr Hauschka sells the most frangrant of any bath oils I've ever tried. The lavender bath soak will have you in relaxation heaven.  

Fourth, relax in the tub with your mask on and cucumber over your eyes for about 10 minutes. Then rinse off your mask. 

 Fifth, wash your face end and lather on Pai's rosehip bioregenerate oil. The company sent me this product to test out a month ago and I thought "another oil on the market?!". But then after a few days...........UM, I was totally seeing a difference. I still am not out of it but I use it everyday. I am hooked. It's so cool! 

And finally, let's take care of our teeth and gums. Sometimes brushing just isn't enough. Give your gums a little love and clean that tongue. First brush your teeth, gargle and rinse with warm salt water and then try this cool clay rub from Living Libations. Their products are also raw, vegan and totally edible. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week and don't forget to take a good 20 minutes out of your day to give hygiene a boost...naturally of course!