SUPER Pregnancy Foods

If you could have a super-charged superfood pregnancy or just an average junk-food one...which would you choose? I'm here with Christine today and together we're tackling the topic of how to have a super pregnancy diet!


I know many women think of pregnancy as the perfect {if not the only} time to indulge in ice cream, chips, candy and all that junk. 

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it truly is the WRONG time.

Think about all that your body is going through; the intense changes and growth. Think about all the nutrition needed to accomplish this.

Would you fuel your body with fast food and candy if you were training for a marathon? If not, then why would you fuel it that way during pregnancy?

We are given 9 months to gear up for breast-feeding. The nutrients in our breast milk come from our bodies. Therefore our bodies need to be in top condition and overflowing with vitamins, fluids, electrolytes, DHA and so on to provide our child with proper nutrition.

OK OK. There. I said it. Now let's focus on the positives. 

Being healthy shouldn't be such bad news. In fact, think of it as a goal. Instead of getting excited about all the junk you can eat, think about it as the MOST PERFECT TIME to become as healthy as you can be. I know it's not as fun because you can't exercise too hard, and there's no way around the inevitable weight gain, so the results are less obvious. But remember, you might not get a second chance at making this once-in-a-lifetime {small window of time in your life} event wonderful healthful one! You AND your baby will thank you.  

So, here are my list of favorite super-charged pregnancy foods and of course I had to get Christine's approval and her two-cents as well.


+ iron-rich foods - artichokes, dark leafy greens and egg yolks are great sources of iron. Also, be sure to eat iron rich foods with vitamin C for max absorption. Iron also absorbed well when combined with C. 

+ chia seeds - for essential fatty acids. EFAs are crucial during pregnancy and nursing. Because of our high consumption of Omega 6s {from cooking oils} we now need to supplement with Omega 3s in order to keep our ratios balanced. If you eat enough Omega-3 foods, you are helping keep the ratio balanced. 

+ DHA - we naturally produce this fatty acid but not quite enough; we still need some from our diets. It's important to get enough of this fatty acid for child's brain development. Juli's personal favorite supplement is by Garden Of Life

+ electrolytes {young coconut water} - rich in usable, bio-available potassium {must be organic}

+ maqui powder - balances blood sugar and cholesterol to help avoid gestational diabetes, not to mention it's packed with antioxidants. Christine is obsessed with Navitas brand.

+ non-GMO hemp and pea protein - Juli loves the Jai brand {full of other crucial nutrients for vegans and those needed extra nutrients like athletes and pregnant women}

+ camu powder - there's a flood of essential hormones during pregnancy, but like every other substance in the body, they need to be metabolized to work most efficiently. With about 60 times the amount of C as an orange, camu helps properly metabolize hormones, making the constant rush work more effectively for mom and baby. Again, Navitas makes a good one. note: Christine used to add camu and macqui to everything when she was pregnant - smoothies, goat yogurt, carrot cupcakes. She still eats it because it's just so healthy!

+ methyl-cyanocobalamin - the active form of B12. This is an important supplement for vegans and vegetarians or those having a hard time consuming organic meat products during pregnancy. B-12 is naturally found in meat, eggs, dairy products and also nutritional yeast which is good for those of you not eating meat. 

+ fermented and/or cultured foods and probiotics - kimchi, kefir, and/or supplements are wonderful additions to the diet during pregnancy. Healthy gut flora is a key to a healthy baby. 

+ gluten-free oats with cinnamon or ginger - too many grains are not ideal during pregnancy but as we all know, pregnant women get HUNGRY!!! gluten-free oats are a wonderful way to fill up and still maintain a healthy super pregnancy!

organic vegetables and lots of fruit - I can't forget to mention this one! Have fun in the kitchen with as many organic veggies and fruits as possible. Smoothies, salads, dehydrated vegetables and fruits, grilled and baked vegetable dishes, etc. Find whatever is in season at your local farmer's market and have fun in the kitchen. A great time to experiment with a variety of plant-based foods.

Good luck and enjoy this time in your life. More important than anything is to relax, be calm and don't stress. Do your best and try and find joy and laughter in each day! Enjoy the glow and all the attention. Happy Pregnancy!