Stevia Sweetened Creamy Watermelon Ice Cream

Today over on The Chalkboard Mag {if you haven't checked out this magazine already, you're definitely missing out, it's great} you I'm sharing my Creamy Watermelon ice cream with chocolate swirls. 


The best part about this ice cream is how healthy it is. There is absolutely NO sugar {unless you use agave to make chocolate, which is optional} what-so-ever and you'd NEVER ever know. 

For all of you who don't like the stevia flavor or the aftertaste, this recipe is for you!

I typically do not like the taste of stevia and when The Chalkboard Mag challenged me to to make a few recipes for them, sweetened with Sweet Leaf stevia, I jumped at the challenge. Not only for my own experimentation but I mainly did this because I know that I could change peoples' minds about this ingredient. It just takes the right recipes.

If you handed me a stevia packet for my coffee, I would turn it down! I don't like stevia in EVERYTHING but I wish I did because it has zero calories and is not made in a lab. It comes from a natural plant. It has been used in the past as a supplement to help control blood sugar of all things {go figure}! It's amazing. 

Concentrated sugar of all kinds {agave, honey, maple syrup, molasses, cane juice, etc.} are just not good for us. Sometimes we need the sugar rush {a long run or workout, etc.} but on a daily basis, it's best to go without sweeteners, if you can. But, I know, that's HARD. 

This recipe is wonderful because you'd never believe there wasn't any sugar in this ice cream. It's creamy and naturally sweet without the "diet" aftertaste or the chemicals.

For more pics and the complete recipe. Check out the Chalkboard Mag today.