Smoothies Galore

Meredith is here talking smoothies today. And this is wonderful news for ladies who wonder how Meredith's skin looks so amazing. NO it's not photoshop; I see her in person quite often and her skin just glows and is free of blemishes. I used to say "oh she's just young!" But, well, truth be told she's not all that young anymore {sorry Meredith}!

So take a look - what DOES she sip on all day - magic potion? Read on...


Hello! Sorry it has been so long. Always on the move, with many exciting things in the air, but PUREmamas is always my favorite place to be :-) 

Sooo… now we're back on the smoothie wagon! 

Although we encourage drinking smoothies year round- sometimes it just seems really counter intuitive. Like winter in Maine!! Go with your- gut on this subject. Embrace intuitive eating.  Summer is the perfect time for smoothies. Especially when you have more fresh produce than you know what to do with. 

Two chapters in my book Everyday Raw Detox  focus on smoothies. The first is fruit. The second is green. 

I'm excited to share several amazing recipes with you! 

Blended Fruit Tonics 

Lets talk fruit. 

I could talk to you about fruit juice, but the truth is the fiber and quality of a smoothie is often more sustainable - and helps keep your blood sugar in check. If you are going all fruit - I really encourage the smoothie over juice route. This will help the sugar from hitting your blood stream like bam! Fruit has sugar right? Yes. It also has a wide array of antioxidants, nutrients and is incredibly hydrating - so I don't encourage avoiding it at all! Focus on berries that are lower in sugar, and use higher sugar fruits as accent flavors. 

I like to use herbs and spices in fruit smoothies to help balance the sugar. Cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, turmeric, etc. are all great for this. 

I'm including two recipes that are perfect for summer! Strawberries and blueberries

Sweet Immunity.png
Blueberries and Cream %22kefir%22 AM.png

Blended Green Tonics 

The Green Smoothie is pretty much the Goddess of nutrition. Usually more greens and fruit than you could possibly eat,  all blended up - and slightly predigested. The green smoothie is such super fuel!!! The combination of fruit and greens truly gives you all the colors of the rainbow. 

When making smoothies, I really encourage you to throw a handful of spinach in or a few pieces of kale. This creates a more balanced "meal". 

I try to not to combine too many different things. The one qualm I have with the "superfood" smoothie is that there are too many ingredients-  your body doesn't know what to do with all of that, and you end up feeling bloated and gross. A green smoothie doesn't have to be a muddy mess of flavors. Make sure to use common sense and mix things that taste good together!!! 

Both of these recipes are low in sugar- and really balance in both flavor and nutrition so they keep you satisfied! 

Clean and Lean.png

As always- make sure to relax, savor and enjoy!! 

p.s. all images are courtesy of Adrian Mueller - photographs from my book.