School Lunches Can Be Intimidating

This is my first year packing "real" school lunches and it's actually a bit intimidating. My sons go to public school {a very cool one that I'm stoked about} and they encourage packing healthy snacks and lunches {phew}!

Today, over at The Honest Company blog, I'm guest posting a very lengthy wordy piece on how to pack a healthier, more well-balanced lunch. Enjoy... CLICK HERE TO READ and HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL! 


Not all lunches have to full of packaged foods but at the same time I get it, sometimes it's easier to pack pre-packaged foods. If you have to do that, fine, but be wise about your choices and the packaging. Is the packaging recyclable? Are the snacks full of refined sugar and food dyes? What about the salt content? And remember, fresh is always better! For more details, head on over to the full article.