Kale Coleslaw

Finally, I got around to actually writing down the steps in making my kale coleslaw. It's a very tasty, sort of asian style, vegan version of the not-so-healthy traditional slaw. You could call it a salad but it's wonderful on top of other dishes and adds a fun flavor and a handful of health to your burger or hot dog. {wink} But for those veg heads like me, this makes a wonderful lunch {I had it yesterday}.


Whenever I would make this dish people would always ask for the recipe. And well, since I am the queen of not measuring with cups or spoons, I would just list off the ingredients. 

But today I can officially say that I have a recipe for those who want it. I measured and wrote down my step by step process. {hooray!} Check out all the details over at the very chic and healthy Sakara Life blog. 

Click here to get the recipe.